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E. China's Taizhou sees first batch of imported goods through freight train service on Mon.

By:Belt and Road Portal   Update:2022-06-29
A freight train loaded with goods worth 600,000 euros arrived in Taizhou, east China's Zhejiang Province, on Monday, which marks the arrival of Taizhou China-Europe freight train's first batch of imported goods after launched, reported Chinanews.com.
It is learned the carrier catalyst transported on this train is the core functional component of the automobile exhaust gas purifier. This batch of goods were loaded at Duisburg port of German in early June, and took a 25-day-trip to reach Taizhou.
According to a relevant person in charge of Taizhou Customs, the Taizhou China-Europe freight train was launched in February this year. Featuring relatively short transportation time and low freight cost, it is welcomed by Taizhou enterprises and is playing an important role in boosting Taizhou smart manufacturing to expand its international market.
Compared with ocean shipping, rail transportation saves a logistics cost of 2,000 yuan to 3,000 yuan per container and shortens transportation time by more than 10 days. "We hope to import goods through freight train in the future," said a purchasing manager of a local company in Taizhou.
Statistics from Taizhou Customs showed that from January to May this year, Taizhou imported a total of 9.73 billion yuan of goods, of which 1.6 billion yuan of commodities came from Europe, making Europe Taizhou's third largest source of imports. The launch of this cargo train service will help more enterprises in Taizhou to import products through this cross-border freight route.