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Zhejiang's first batch of exported mandarin oranges in 2022 targets North American markets

By: Belt and Road Portal   Update:2022-10-21
A batch of mandarin oranges weighing 19 tonnes and worth 800,000 yuan, were loaded from a fresh fruit professional cooperative in Linhai City of Taizhou, east China's Zhejiang Province, on Wednesday, and would be exported to Canada, which marks part of the province's first batch of exported mandarin oranges in 2022, reported Chinanews.com.
It is learnt that the average price of each orange will reach about 5 yuan for the exports to Canada. 
Including exports to Canada, the fresh fruit cooperative will export as many as 600 tonnes of mandarin oranges, to destinations all located in North America, bringing the total value of exports to 6.56 million yuan in this batch.

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