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Chinese pastry brand to optimize business layout, explore overseas market

By:Belt and Road Portal   Update:2022-12-13
Tiger Attitude Chartered Pastry Bank, a Chinese pastry chain, has recently announced to optimize its business layout through introducing partnership model and expand market scale through exploring overseas business, reported Economic Information Daily on Sunday.
It is expected that the company will start to cultivate its overseas business in the year 2023, aiming to land in one country while promoting international communication and recognition of the brand through multi-media content producing, according to Hu Ting, founder of the brand.
The company will soon optimize the layout of its stores in the domestic market as well, initiating partner recruitment in certain cities, as a bid to improve management efficiency and better serve the company's growing scale. The brand is committed to practically increasing business efficiency by focusing on empowering its partner stores with more effective innovation in product and service, according to the company.

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