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Premier Li calls for hundred-year-old brand enterprises

By:english.gov.cn   Update:2016-06-27
Premier Li Keqiang has called for the forging of “hundred-year-old brands” among China’s traditional enterprises during a visit to a Flying Pigeon bicycle experience store in Tianjin on June 26.

While touring the store, which displays bicycles made from various materials, the Premier lifted a super intelligent bicycle hand-made from carbon fiber, before then taking it for a test ride. He said he would like to advertise Chinese bicycles, saying he is more willing to support the intelligent upgrading of the “Made in China” strategy.

Eighty years ago, China’s first bicycle was created by this enterprise. Premier Li wants it to create a century old brand, carrying forward the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation, while pursuing the spirit of craftsmanship and always striving for the best.

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