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China-Myanmar Mangman border passage records RMB 8.104 bln foreign trade since a year ago

By:Belt and Road Portal   Update:2022-11-30
Mangman passage of the China-Myanmar border port Wanding in southwest China's Yunnan Province has recorded a total of 1.192 million tonnes of imports and exports worth 8.104 billion yuan since the two countries resumed the border trade a year ago.
The border trade in Mangman passage was suspended until Novermber 26, 2021 due to Covid-19 concerns.
Since the resumption of border trade of Mangman passage, the Wanding Port has taken effective measures to ensure the orderly progress of epidemic prevention and control and the normal bilateral trade between China and Myanmar.
Meanwhile, the port also further optimizes customs clearance process for the seasonal fruits as well as other fresh agricultural products. For example, the port offers a 24-hour-available border inspection service hotline and sets up a 24-hour-available border inspection service consulting counter.
Located in Ruili, a border city in Yunnan province, the Mangman border passage has become an important channel for Ruili and even China's trade with Myanmar in recent years.

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