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SW of Cambodia

By:BPOC   Update:2016-05-27
Cambodia under the help of the world bank and other international organizations, has been developed and the implemented part of the submitted at a time, clearance time principle as the foundation of national single window construction plan. The plan by the General Administration of Customs of Cambodia in the automated system of customs data and all the main stakeholders involved in the foundation, implemented in phases. Construction of national single window has been included in the 2013 the government of Cambodia on the trade and investment facilitation 12 point action plan. By the end of 2013, Cambodia on national single window construction mainly completed the following work:
        1.Set up a steering committee for the national single window in May,2008;
        2. Based on the existing policy, formulate the overall plan of national single window;
        3. Develop and implement customs risk management strategy;
        4. Establish the national single window construction blueprint, matched with the ASEAN single window;
        5. Part of the implementation of the World Customs Organization < Safety and facilitation standards and framework for action plan >;
        6. Make < Kyoto Protocol > amendments to the plan of action to join;
        7. With its neighbors to reach a bilateral agreement, preliminary to simplify customs procedures;
        8. The main ports to establish automated system of customs data;
        9. The introduction of port station inspection work;
        10. In order to do related to the implementation of WTO trade facilitation of draft agreement.

Under the help of the world bank and other international organizations,Cambodia reform customs and border, supervision, import and export procedures etc..The logistics environment in Cambodia has improved, logistics performance index ranking rose 46 from 2010 to 2014,but the import and export goods customs clearance time and cost remains high. Cambodia plans in 2018 built national single window, at the appointed time will improve the the two key indicators.


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