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SW of Laos

By:BPOC   Update:2016-05-27
The Lao government is committed to building a national single window, aimed at simplifying customs clearance, improve trade efficiency, and the ASEAN single window to achieve the connection. As of 2013, the country's single window construction mainly made the following progress:
        1. Establishment of the Lao national single window guidance committee, determine the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of finance as the chairman.
        2. The establishment of the office of the Secretary of state for a single window.
        3. Determine the Lao customs for national single window construction sector to take the lead.
        4. Carry out national single window legal gap analysis in 2011.
      5. Held two national single window construction seminars, Lao customs, the relevant government agencies and the private sector attend to the seminars.
        6. 2012 may complete the establishment of Laos national single window road map final draft.
       7. In 2013, signed the implementation of national single window operation agreement with French Bi grams of the company (bavic) , charging protocol And joint venture agreement.
January 28, 2013, the Ministry of Laos and French Bureau Veritas Bureau of government services and international trade department subsidiary Bi fach signed on the implementation of the national single window operation agreement. Both sides signed on the national single window operation supplemental agreement debate and the joint venture agreement then. Accordingly, the Laos government will cooperate with Bi grams of the company, to ensure that the work efficiency of the window of a single country and achieve the established objectives. At present, all the ports of Laos enabled automated system of customs data (ASYCUDA), plans to 2017 the full realization of e-commerce in International trade, including the enterprise and government B2G) and the electronic government and government (G2G).
In addition,Laos is one of the countries in the new economic corridor along the line to take the lead in the pilot cross-border customs clearance mode. Laos, Thailand and Vietnam 3 countries first signed the facilitation of passenger and cargo transportation cooperation agreement in 1999 , after the Greater Mekong sub region, the other three have joined. In order to implement the agreement, Laos established a one-stop customs checkpoints, and formal pilot one-stop cross-border customs clearance mode with Thailand in Savannakhet - Mukdahan port in 2013. Laos ShaDan Wan - Vietnam old security port one-stop clearance mode also made important progress. Laos has implemented the customs transit system (CTS) in the 3 countries of Thailand, Laos and Vietnam in the Great Mekong sub region system, and is now being replaced by the ASEAN Framework system.


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