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SW of Singapore

By:BPOC   Update:2016-05-27

1 The construction process of a single window in Singapore

Singapore single window construction started early and had a rapid development. In the 1980s, Singapore Trade Development Board (bureau of subordinate of DTI, now for the International Enterprise Singapore), cooperated with the customs, Port Management Bureau, Civil Aviation Administration and the private sector to construct electronic declaration and electronic documents examination,which is based on a station type electronic customs clearance system, namely trade net system. In March 1988, Singapore established the independent operating entity -Singapore network services Co., Ltd. (now named Crimsonlogic Co., Ltd.), responsible for the development and operation of the trade net system. Crimsonlogic Co., Ltd. offered paid services, the government only gave one-off capital injection in the formation of the company, without financial support on daily operations. In October 1988, the trade net system began testing system. After the trial operation.Trade net system is put into use, and trade related services have been incorporated into the development content of trade net system. System development has so far gone through seven stages of development. In October 2007, Singapore's latest trade net4.0 single window put into use.

2 Singapore National single window service content

Trade net system is the world's first national electronic trade system of customs clearance, is the world's first single window system. It connects the 27 Singapore Customs, taxation and other 35 government departments, and imports, exports (including entrepot) trade related applications, reporting, review, licensing, regulation of all formalities are through the network of trade of.Trade net system running 24 hours a day, the automatic receiving, processing, approval and return the electronic declaration.Trade Net4.0 system than the previous version has several improvements, including simplified license structure, provide perfect license office service card etc.. In addition to mention Hand in dealing with the import and export customs declaration documents, the trader can also through trade net system modify the licensed content, cancel unused license, apply for a refund of the missed payment of customs duties and sales tax (GST). Allows for a one-time application for import and export license is trade net4.0 system is a major bright spot.

3 The implementation of a single window in Singapore

Trade net system to replace the trader paper-based presentation of the documents of the complicated procedure, through the coordination and cooperation of multiple agencies in a single window way to the traders provide customs clearance / release a station type service can not only save the cost, but also improve the use efficiency.Trade net system, trade business customs clearance per unit needs 2 to 7 days, the trade net system reduction to every 10 minutes (Table 1). Business via the Internet and 10 seconds can submit an application and receive a license to trade. System within a minute can deal with 95% of trade license. Within a few seconds can be 97 percent without Treatment declaration single license.Trade net4.0 each year more than 700 billion dollars, the volume of trade, the average reduce the trade cost of $10 billion.
Table 1.  Net Trade before and after the use of clearance efficiency comparison

Main index Before use Trade Net After use Trade Net
Clearance period 4 hours to 2-7 days 10 minutes
Declare at customs Multiple declaration Through a single interface to declare
Number of documents to be submitted (copy) 3-35 copies
1 copy
Document charge standard $6.25 / share* $1.8 /deal *
Source: Limited by Share Ltd SNS website, @http://www.crimsonlogic.com

On the foundation of successful trade net, Singapore Customs and other departments launched construction of trade platform of xchange, independently developed by the soared logic Co., Ltd. and operations. The system in a trade net v4.0 as the core component is a national trade and logistics IT platform, convenient business, the exchange of information between the enterprises and government departments, which greatly promoted the efficiency of air circulation inside and outside Singapore, the user through the system can access declaration signed trial service network (trade net), the port system (such as harbour service network port net), freight area network (CCN) system, Jurong port Internet online (JP) and the official port network Marinet, and connect with other users in the value added service system (VAS). Singapore Trade xchange free trade port system was stationed in the free trade zone enterprises provide many free preferential measures, including in the free port to store goods, approved the operation cost, consumption tax concessions, transit fees, temporary hauling and other.Trade Xchange platform also realize the connection of Singapore and countries in the world of business system and management system.

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