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SW of Thailand

By:BPOC   Update:2016-05-27

1 The construction of a single window in Thailand

In April 1998, Thai customs import electronic data exchange system (EDI) 1998 ~ 2006, the Thai customs clearance of goods to take measures of a combination of electronic declaration and paper documents. With the construction of national single window has been put on the agenda, the Thai government established by the Prime Minister of the country directly under the leadership of the National Commission for logistics, designated Thailand's national economic and social development committee drafting Thailand first logistics development strategy and the construction of national single window is one of the core content of 2005, led by Thailand customs and the Ministry of finance, together with other relevant departments, began to the construction of national single window, 2006, Thailand to introduce The ebXML standards and the use of public key infrastructure (PKI) and electronic signature recognition, both to Thailand to realize the paperless customs clearance of goods, 2008 years 1 month, Thailand "single window electronic logistics" officially changed its name to "national single window, paperless customs clearance of goods released in Thailand full implementation, the realization of the electronic text between the government and the enterprise exchange 2010, Thailand's National Logistics Committee through the national single window regulatory framework model.

2 Thailand national single window service content

Thailand National single window to achieve the exchange between government agencies and trader of electronic document, at present, benefit the Thai national 600 customs workstation. Table 1 shows through the window of a single country exchange all the contents of the document, namely Thailand single window of the main service content.

Table 1 Through the Thailand national single window exchange of the main documents (as of July 2012)
Import declaration form Cancellation declaration
Export declaration form Import license
Short declaration Inland transport declaration
Travel bills / article (Investment Committee / investment branch) Special import declaration form
Tariff / tariff Export license
Tax refund form Quota license
Tax incentives Import documents / documents
Shipment Export documents / documents
Schedule Certificate of origin
Marine cargo manifest declaration Certificate of cargo hold (D ATIGA-Form)
Air cargo manifest declaration Customs declaration
Overland transportation cargo manifest declaration Declaration of bonded warehouse
Container handling declaration Declaration of goods
Express declaration Radio frequency identification (RFID) declaration form
Dynamic declaration of goods Reply message
Declaration of cargo clearance
Surrender order
Debit Note
Credit advice
Margin declaration form Deposit refund
Model declaration form Re assessment notice
ASEAN customs declaration Certificate of cargo hold (D ATIGA-Form)
Declaration result Cancel instruction
Export information (export declaration and invoice information)

3 The implementation of a single window in Thailand

Since the 2008 Thailand National single window, the relevant government departments and enterprises benefit bandit is shallow, clearance of productivity (see Table 2, table 3), significantly lower trade costs, with an average annual saving logistics cost up to $1.5 billion in 2012 to 2015, Thailand National single window will focus on amendments to relevant laws and regulations, trade and logistics in the national standard data element set and the quality and the improvement of single window participation, realize the connection of the Thailand National single window with the other members of the ASEAN single window.
Table 2 The improvement of customs clearance conditions after the implementation of the Thailand national single window
Clearance  Before1998 1998-2007 2007-2011
Customs inspection 6-8 shuts 2-4 shuts 0 shut (green light release);
1 shut (red light check again)
Documents to be submitted 5 copies 1-3 copies 0 copy (green light release);
 1 copy (red light check again)
Inspection time 3-10 days 0.5-1 days 0 hour (green light release);
0.5-1 hour (red light check again)
Clearance period
 (per deal)
3-10 days 10-30 minutes  
95%<5 minutes
Source: Thailand national single window website, @www.thainsw.net
Table 3 The improvement of trade efficiency after the implementation of the national single window in Thailand
Cross-border trade 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
Documents to be prepared (copy) 9 7 4 4 4
Export time (day) 24 17 14 14 14
Export cost (USD / box) 848 615 625 625 625
Documents to be prepared (copy) 12 9 3 3 3
Import time (day) 22 14 13 13 13
Import cost (USD / box) 1042 786 795 795 795


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