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​SW of Vietnam

By:BPOC   Update:2016-05-27
Vietnam electronic customs business from 2005 October to 2009 November in Ho Chi Minh City and coastal city customs to implement the pilot, then in 2009 December to December 2012 extended to Vietnam's domestic 21 provinces and cities customs, from January 1, 2013, in the realization of the Vietnam National Customs electronic declaration.

Vietnam customs clearance procedures set different goods according to the degree of risk: Easy Access, yellow channel and red channel, which is divided into Easy Access unconditional and Easy Access conditional.Easy Access is mainly applicable to the inspection of goods, Easy Access unconditional can quickly go through the customs formalities, Easy Access conditions to show some documents such as certificate of origin, quality inspection (such as plant quarantine), tax certificate and other documents; yellow channel is mainly suitable for moderate risk products that need the customs documents (including customs, foreign trade contracts, commercial invoice, packing list and certificate of origin, quality inspection, tax certificate and other documents to verify) allowed to release; the red channel mainly for high risk products, these products must be verified in a variety of documents and physical inspection to complete before the permitted release today, Green channel for the average time spent 5 to 10 minutes, yellow channel 20 to 30 minutes, the red channel 60 to 120 minutes.

Vietnam original clearance system stability is lower,processing speed is slow, and because the system between the various customs not shared, import and export enterprises must application materials will be sent directly to the entry-exit customs. At the same time, the customs clearance formalities and censorship have differences, easy to cause the stagnation of logistics.

Vietnam from April 2014 began to use new electronic customs clearance and a station operating system (referred to as VNACCS/VCIS system), "VNACCS" system in the enterprise of import and export declaration, based on historical data are reviewed and immediately issued a release command. Due to the customs clearance information stored on the server to realize the sharing, enterprises do not have respectively to the customs and Excise Department submit the declaration formalities. Allegedly, traditionally need 3 ~ 5 days of import and export customs clearance time will be reduced to half. Vietnam will the 173 customs in full use of the system.

In order to implement the construction of ASEAN protocol mechanism of "single window", Vietnam established countries of ASEAN "single window" mechanism of Steering Committee from 2008 to 2012.In 2011 November 29th, Vietnamese Prime Minister issued a decision to set up the ASEAN single window mechanism and national customs single window mechanism. The steering committee of the steering committee of the task is to assist the government department of guidance, coordination and cooperation ministries and other relevant agencies and organizations working to implement the construction of a single window mechanism; at the same time, the law system of assessment, research, revision, cancellation or making comments, so that a single window mechanism and Implementation of.2013, Ministry of industry and trade of Vietnam, 3 departments and the Ministry of finance the Ministry of transportation of the first pilot implementation of a single window mechanism. At present, the Vietnamese trade ministry has drafted clearly defined business processes, data grid Data exchange, data exchange Method of document.


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