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China - ASEAN Free Trade Area Business Portal Profile

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In China - ASEAN Free Trade Area beginning, since the construction of the ASEAN Secretariat official website of the free trade area referred to an important agenda.
June 2009, the 32nd meeting of the China-ASEAN Trade Negotiating Committee in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur, Yunnan Province, proposed the establishment of a free trade zone program in Yunnan official website. The meeting agreed that the proposal will be submitted in July 2009 held in the Philippines China - ASEAN Free Trade Area of ​​the consideration for Economic Cooperation Senior Officials Meeting.
In July 2009 afternoon, China - ASEAN Free Trade Area Economic Cooperation Senior Officials Meeting held in Manila, on behalf of the participating countries agreed to proposals put forward by the Yunnan provincial government, and recommendations to the China - ASEAN Economic Cooperation Ministerial Meeting for consideration.

August 14, 2009, China - ASEAN Economic Cooperation Ministerial Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand, the meeting issued the "Joint Ministerial Statement" formally approve these proposals, agreed to establish a free trade area in Yunnan official website.

October 2009, Premier Wen Jiabao participated in the China-ASEAN Summit, the Ministry of Commerce official website FTA construction has been reported, the leaders of ASEAN member countries welcomed the construction site, self-related work to become a free trade zone official website one of the main outcomes of the Summit of the.

January 2010, FTA official website of the official opening, and the establishment of the ASEAN conference site coordinator system and cooperation mechanisms.

August 2013, China - ASEAN Free Trade Area Joint Committee agreed in principle to the ASEAN secretariat to further strengthen the government's release of documents and agreements, tariff inquiry, inquiry service trade commitments, the certificate of origin proposal electronic data authentication services and other government functions, but rejected a proposal to establish a separate ASEAN Secretariat proposed new site.

March 2014, official FTA Network Operations Center in accordance with the requirements of the Board about the proposed government services, trade facilitation and cross-border e-commerce to carry out three functions FTA official website upgrade package of proposals to give the representatives of stand by. Since then, the work of upgrading FTA official website around these three basic functions gradually.

Management System

Governing Bodies: China - ASEAN Free Trade Area Joint Committee (formerly China - ASEAN Free Trade Negotiations Committee) is the lead agency.
Governing Body: Ministry of Commerce and Yunnan Provincial Department of Commerce.
Organization: China - ASEAN Free Trade Area Business Portal operations center and China - ASEAN Free Trade Area Business Portal Liaison Working Group.
Support unit: Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, responsible for the daily work from Yunnan University of Finance and regional electronic public services research center.

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