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By:BPOC   Update:2016-06-01

UN/CEFACT's Recommendations

No. English Name Chinese Name Corresponding Chinese Standard
1 United Nations layout key for trade documents 联合国贸易单证样式 GB/T 14392-2009
2 Location of codes in trade documents 代码在单证中的位置 GB/T 14393-2008
3 Codes for representation of names of countries 国家名称的代码表示 GB/T 2659-2000
5 Abbreviations of INCOTERMS 国际贸易术语解释通则缩写 GB/T 15423-1994
6 Aligned invoice layout key for international trade 国际贸易套合式发票样式 GB/T 15310.1-2009
7 Numerical representation of date,time,and periods of time 日期、时间和时间期限的数字表示 GB/T 7408-2005
8 Unique identification code methodology 统一标识编码方法(UNIC)  
9 Aiphabetical code for representation of currencies 表示货币的字母代码 GB/T 12406-2008
10 Codes for ship's name 船舶名称代码 GB/T 18366-2001
11 Documentary aspects of the international transport of dangerous goods 国际危险品运输文件  
12 Measures facilitate maritime transport documents procedures 海运单证简化程序措施  
13 Facilitation of identified legal problems in import clearance procedures 在进口清关程序中确定法律问题的简化措施  
14 Authentication of trade documents by means other than signature 用非签署方式对贸易单证认证  
15 Simpler shiping marks 简单运输标志 GB/T 18131-2000
16 Codes for ports and other locations 口岸及相关地点代码 GB/T 15514-2008
17 Payments-Abbreviations for terms of payment 付款条款缩写 GB/T 18126-2000
18 Facilitation measures related to international trade procedures 有关国际贸易程序简化措施  
19 Code for modes of transport 运输方式代码 GB/T 6512-1998
20 Codes for units of measure used in international trade 国际贸易计量单位代码 GB/T 17295-2008
21 Codes for types of cargo,packages and packaging materials 货物,包装以及包装类型代码 GB/T 16472-1996
22 Layout Key for standard consignment instructions 标准托运指示单证样式  
23 Freight cost code 运费代码 GB/T 17152-2008
24 Trade and transport status codes 贸易和运输状态代码  
25 UN/EDIFACT 行政,商业和运输业电子数据交换 已研制30多项国家标准
26 Commercial use of interchange agreement for EDI 电子数据交换用商用交换协议 GB/T 17629-1998
27 Pre-shipment inspection 装运前检验  
28 Codes for types of means of transport 运输工具类型代码 GB/T 18804-2002
31 Electronic commerce agreement 电子商务协议 GB/T 19252-2001
32 E-commerce self-regulatory instrument 电子商务自律办法  
33 UN/CEFACT simple,transparent and effective processes for global commerce UN/CEFACT使全球商务过程简单透明和有效  
34 Data Simplification and Standardization for International Trade 国际贸易数据简化和标准化  
35 Establishing a Legal Framework for International Trade Single Window 建立国际贸易单一窗口的法律框架  
40 Consultation Approaches Best Practices in Trade and Government Consultation on Trade Facilitation Matters  向最佳贸易实例的咨询会,以及政府在贸易便利化事务方面的协商  

UN/CEFACT's Standards

No. English Name Chinese Name Corresponding Chinese Standard
1 UN/EDIFACT-ISO 9735 Electronic data interchange for administration,commerce and transport (EDIFACT)-Application level syntax rules-Part 1~Part 10 行政、商业和运输业电子数据交换(EDIFACT)应用级语法规则 第1部分~第10部分 GB/T 14805.1~GB/T 14805.10
2 UN/EDIFACT Directories(UNTDID) 联合国贸易数据交换目录 GB/T 15947,GB/T 15635.1,GB/T 15635.2,GB/T 15634.1,GB/T 15634.2,GB/T 16833,GB/T 17699,GB/T 17629
3 Business Requirement Specfication(BRS) 业务需求规范  
4 Requirement Specification Mapping(RSM) 需求规范映射  
5 Core Components Library(UN/CCL) 核心构件库  
6 UNTDED-ISO 7372 Trade data elements directory 贸易数据元目录 GB/T 15191
7 XML Schema XML模式  
8 United Nations Code for Trade and Transport Locations(UN/LOCODE) 联合国贸易和运输地址代码  

UN/CEFACT Technical Specifications

No. English Name Chinese Name Corresponding Chinese Standard
1 UN/CEFACT Modelling methodology UN/CEFACT建模方法 GB/Z 20539-2006
2 Core components technical specifications 核心构件技术规范 GB/T 19256.9-2006
3 XML Naming and design rules XML命名和设计规则 GB/T 19256.8-2009
4 UML Profile for core components 核心构件的UML轮廓  
5 CCTS Data type catalogue 核心构件数据类型目录 GB/T 20538.1-2006
6 Core Components Business Document Assembly Technical Specification 核心构件的业务文档汇编技术规范