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Chinese, Indonesian FMs hold phone talks

By:Xinhua   Update:2022-03-15
BEIJING — State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi on March 14 held a phone conversation with Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi.
China and Indonesia are both major developing countries and emerging economies, Wang said, adding that the two sides should deepen strategic mutual trust and practical cooperation under the guidance of the two heads of state, and play an active role in maintaining international and regional peace and stability.
Marsudi said that Indonesia attaches great importance to developing relations with China and is willing to work with China to push the bilateral relations to a new level.
The two sides exchanged views on the Ukraine issue.
Marsudi said that Indonesia insists on respecting other countries' sovereignty and territorial integrity, calls for an early end to the military conflict and encourages relevant parties to hold dialogue to de-escalate the situation and prevent a humanitarian crisis, , adding that Indonesia is ready to step up communication and coordination with China in this regard.
As the president of the Group of 20 (G20), Marsudi said Indonesia believes that the G20 was established to promote international cooperation and should pay more attention to macroeconomic and development issues.
Expounding on China's consistent position on the Ukrainian issue, Wang said China will, in its own way, continue to play a constructive role in easing tensions, promoting peace talks and preventing humanitarian crises in accordance with the "four musts" put forth by Chinese President Xi Jinping.
Noting that unilateral sanctions will only complicate the situation and intensify contradictions, Wang said communication and consultation represents the political wisdom and diplomatic tradition of oriental countries, which has proved to be effective.
China is ready to work with Indonesia to make continued efforts to promote peace talks, Wang said.
Stressing that behind the Ukraine crisis lies the intensification of the long-term accumulation of contradictions in European security, Wang said that to achieve long-term stability in Europe, the European Union, NATO and Russia should engage in dialogue on an equal footing, and establish a balanced, effective and sustainable security framework.
Under the current circumstance, we should cherish peace and stability in East Asia and the Asia-Pacific region all the more, Wang said, adding that the ASEAN-centered regional cooperation architecture that has taken shape in this region over the years is of great importance.
While welcoming countries outside the region to play a positive role in regional peace and stability, Wang cautioned against either creating instability and tension or inciting bloc confrontation in the region.
Still less should it be allowed to use small and medium-sized countries as tools for confrontation between major countries, Wang added.
Noting that the G20 is a premier forum for international economic cooperation, Wang said China supports Indonesia in playing a leading role as the G20 president, removing disruptions and steadily advancing the established agenda for dialogue and cooperation.

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