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China, Laos sign 115kV two-way power purchase and sale agreement

By:Belt and Road Portal   Update:2022-03-16
According to the agreement, the Laos will send the surplus hydropower back to China for consumption based on existing 115 kV line. Meanwhile, the two sides will make supplementary power transmission to the areas with insufficient power supply in northern Laos, changing from one-way power transmission to Laos in the past to two-way power transmission, so as to effectively form complementarity of electricity between China and Laos.
It is learned that the currently existing 115kV line from Mengla, China to Namo, Laos, was put into operation in December 2009 and has been in operation for 12 years. It has sent more than 1 billion kWh of electricity to northern Laos, boosting regional economic and social development.
In the future, the two sides will further promote the optimal allocation of clean energy across regions, and contribute to global carbon emission reduction.

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